Colors are Changing

Yes, leaves are turning red and yellow in the hills of Virginia. I was going to add a photo but I can’t find that Add Media button. Help says it is “Above the Post editor toolbar” but there is nothing there. This is why I rarely post in WordPress. Blogger is so much easier!

Anyway, if you come to the mountains to see autumn colors, come during the week. The traffic can be thick on weekends, and this year is worse than I’ve ever seen it.

We survived Independence Day.

Did not celebrate. Frank is using a walker since having surgery to mend his achilles tendon. I drive him to physical therapy twice a week. As he was getting treated today, I noticed my ankle was “out” again. I was limping; my left ankle was painful. So here we are, two people who cannot walk very well. There was no use trying to go to any 4th of July events.  Well, it was hot anyway, and then wind and rain came in this evening.

Some fireworks displays went on in spite of the rain. I could see them from our back yard. But only briefly. I had to come back in and sit with my feet up.
I did copy a few photos from 1976. See more on my Squirrel Ridge blog.