More than Halfway Through Winter

I’m not a fan of February. I’m impatient for winter to end and this year has been cold but with very little snow to brighten things up.

Here are some geese I saw today.



And Now It’s November

In October we made a trip to Pennsylvania and came back and waited for the autumn colors. They were late this year. I remember when I was a kid we would go out on Halloween and crunch through the fallen leaves that covered the roads. Now most of the leaves haven’t even turned color yet, except in the mountains.

Oh well. I do have some color on my Squirrel Ridge blog so come over and take a look!



Happy August!

It’s a new month and I’m looking forward to a better one. I’ve had a foot injury for a couple of weeks plus a sore mouth that finally turned out to be due to an absce0315squirrelss, which seems unfair because I am diligent with dental care. But tomorrow I go back to the dental surgeon who did my root canal to get this fixed. My husband will drive so I can rest my foot.

Meanwhile I’ve been posting daily on The View from Squirrel Ridge. Come on over and see what a Shenandoah Summer looks like!

I’m also working on a site for Shenandoah River Lakes but it’s not finished by any means.