I Still Don’t Understand WordPress

This is not my main blog but I try to update it now and then because some of the blogs I follow are on WordPress. So I forgot… how do I upload my photos from the files on my computer?

It is so easy on the other platform, which is intuitive. Here the function must be hidden.

One thought on “I Still Don’t Understand WordPress

  1. It’s where you get used to:) Have the wordpress post in edit mode. Easiest to put your photo on the desk top. On the left -top ( of edit mode of the post you are working on), it says “add media.” Click that. It opens up the page of all your photos (they call this the Media Library). Click on top “Upload files.”
    Then it says “select files.” Instead of opening that up (you can: it will give you everything that’s on your desktop and you click on the title for your photo),
    but INSTEAD, I usually drag my photo from the desktop to where it says “select files”, (this then opens the page for all your photos – the media library – and then you wait till your photo appears. Click on the bottom where it says something like “insert on your post” and voila your post appears with your photo. Hope this helps!

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